What we do

TCI Asia Pacific, since 2012, has been going on Country Missions" , organizing "Multi stakeholder platforms" , conducting "National Trainings on the CRPD", among other advocacy actions at regional and global levels.

Mobilising in countries

TCI Asia Pacific Member Countries

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We look forward to connecting with our peers in West Asian region in future.

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Country Missions

"Country Mission" of TCI Asia Pacific is an important mobilization instrument.

We have gone on country missions since 2012, and covered several south asian, south east asian countries. When there is a invitation by a local DPO, emerging voices of people with psychosocial disabilities, or a support agency, to visit a country, a "Mission" is put together with a few or more of the following objectives:

- To bring CRPD knowledge to multiple stakeholders
- To mobilize persons with psychosocial disabilities and prepare for the formation of a DPO of persons with psychosocial disabilities
- To exchange and engage with the cross disability movement, to pave the way for the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities
- To facilitate multi stakeholder dialogue forums (e.g. family groups, service providers, human rights lawyers, etc.) addressing challenges to inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities.
- To engage people in governance across sectors, and provide technical assistance where requested.

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If interested in a TCI Asia Pacific Country Mission Visit, please write to
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Creating platforms for dialogues

Multi Stakeholder Dialogue Platforms

We create to forward our vision of full inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities.

A strong dialogue culture prevails in TCI Asia Pacific works. We take the opportunities to engage all kinds of stakeholders in conversations about our Inclusion. TCI Asia Pacific governance itself comprises of persons with psychosocial disabilities and cross disability supporters. Every engagement within countries, and the plenaries, are constructed in a way to have open dialogue sessions.

  • Cross disability leaders at the national level do closely exchange and engage with us when we make country visits, and also in the plenary meetings.
  • TCI Asia Pacific participates in symposia, conferences and in academic engagements, to share our learnings and to build a culture of research around Inclusion.
  • TCI validates the efforts of family groups, and engages them towards empowering themselves, as a way of creating the causes and conditions within households for the values of support and care to prevail.
  • TCI is excited to meet people in governance in different departments, especially disability affairs, to suggest policy directions that may have outcomes of Inclusion.
  • TCI meets and exchanges with the larger human rights, gender and social movements, for having self representation in activism.
  • TCI visits mental health facilities, engages in dialogue with the service providers, with a view to bring news on alternatives to coercion to them.
  • TCI takes a lead, participates in, or otherwise engages in global actions every year, towards taking small steps in building bridges of support and learning with users and survivors world wide.
   Read here the report of Multistakeholder Meeting held held in September 2017

National trainings and advocacy

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