Trans Asian Strategy
Group of Persons with

[TCI Asia]

Presentation of TCI Asia, 2018

Transforming communities for Inclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities:” was at first a conference organized by the Bapu Trust and supported by the Foundation of the Open Society Institute and IDA, in 2013. It was a project managed by the Bapu Trust from 2011 onwards.

The objectives of the Conference were to provide a regional space for people with psychosocial disabilities to share, learn from each other, and create strategies for inclusion; and to find a common vision for future advocacy on the implementation of CRPD for people with psychosocial disabilities, supported by the national cross-disability movements. 4 countries participated.

•Trans Asia Strategy Group eventually, in 2014 became TCI Asia. However, our vision has been sharpened and remained on “Inclusion”.